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Just like walking in a fog, your financial journey might sometimes feel daunting.. and this can be even more intense when one spouse is the sole breadwinner of your family.

But fear not, because this guide is your compass and a lamp unto your feet illuminating the key aspects that will not only lead you through the financial fog but help you thrive in it.

Clarity. Purpose. Intention.





Estate planning for young families



It’s hard to make a plan for what happens if you’re no longer around to take care of your little ones, but that doesn’t mean no action should be taken. There could be real life consequences for not having proper estate planning in place.





Retirement planning for single-income families



How do you make a plan for something so big that’s so far into the future?

Important reminder: it’s just A plan.. and that plan can change (that’s what an advisor is for!).

While you may have other priorities on your mind (like saving for the kid’s college which, *gasp*, is a mere 15 years away!), starting your retirement planning now is paramount.

You can finance a college education if you absolutely have to.

You can’t finance retirement.





Tax impacts of decisions



While few people enjoy talking about taxes (hi, I’m one of the few)—many people looove talking about tax planning.

And if you think you don’t love talking about tax planning, you do. You just don’t know it yet.

This is because tax planning is all about finding legal and often simple ways to help keep more of your money.

Being strategic with your savings and withdrawal strategies can reduce your yearly and lifetime tax bills.. but you have to know [when] to do [what].





Sometimes people want to skip the basics and go straight to advanced. But “the basics” is part of “the advanced” - if you skip it, you no longer have an advanced strategy!