Living on one income in today’s world can be a challenge.  


But you know it’s worth it for your family


While you may have had to make some sacrifices to achieve one-income living
— or you’re still working on getting there —
you shouldn’t have to forfeit your vision for the future.





But here’s the thing: 


You don’t have the time you really need to dedicate to your own financial situation.


You’re already balancing the dual demands of work and family life.

You’re overwhelmed by how much there is to learn.

You’re not sure how to prioritize the many obligations in front of you.

Should you start saving for the kids’ college first?

Or your own retirement ?

What about family vacations ?

Or a bigger home to house your growing family ?


What you do know is that you have to start somewhere.





At Second Comma, we show single-income families how to make living on one income not just possible, but prosperous.


Some of the words I hear most often from new clients are:

  • Frustrating.
  • Exhausting.
  • Overwhelming.
  • “What do we do next?”
  • “How do go from [this] to [that]?”
  • “How do we get from [here] to [there]?”





When you work with me, we will lay a financial foundation tall enough and strong enough so you can finally get your head above water.


We develop a plan to take actions today that help you prepare for whatever is coming tomorrow. 

Through our first few meetings, we’ll take a survey of everything as it sits right now:

  • Cash flow: How much money is coming in the door?
  • Spending investigation: Where is that money going out?
  • Debt analysis: What debt do you have? What are the best ways to tackle that debt?
  • Future forecast: What are the goals for the future? What steps are being taken to reach those goals?


We’ll then move through each area to ensure the dollars coming in the door are being sent back out to pursue the goals of those living in the house.