Let's be real.. 


You've got about a two-minute window before someone comes through that door


..a boss..

..a child..

..a bossy child..






"And.. what is Second Comma?"


At Second Comma..


We help people in their 30's spend the next 30 years preparing for their last 30 years.

We help six-figure single-income households give direction to their dollars, a scope to their spending, and thought to their time.

(We also help people who want to become single-income or those who are leaving a stage of being single-income)





"And.. how?"


We’re here to guide you on a financial journey from surviving to thriving, and beyond.


It’s ambitious, but with the right behaviors, habits, and strategies, it can be achieved, even on a single income.

While we can’t guarantee specific results (as much depends on external factors), our aim is to help you pursue the financial goals you might not even be aware of yet.


We’ll start by aligning on money philosophy: your relationship with money, how you use it, and what it means to you.

Then we’ll gather some info (things like household cash flow, spending habits, existing investments, employee benefits package, etc.) and start to shape up what your financial life looks like.


Then we’ll design a financial plan tailored to you, your situation, your family, your future, your concerns.. your everything.

We will work through what we call ‘The 5 Pillars’ at Second Comma:

-Estate Planning

-Risk Management



-Cash Flow

As you share information, we will start to link it all together:

..how the household cash flow has to be partially directed into investments

..and how the investments fund the retirement

..and what the retirement looks like (when and where and what are you doing and who are you doing it with?)

..and how that timeline out to retirement could be pretty long so we might protect your current biggest asset (the ability to go to work tomorrow and earn the previously mentioned household cash flow) with some term life insurance

..and how if we wind up needing / using that life insurance it would probably be good to wrap it all up in some estate planning (you can’t just hand a 6 year old a bunch of money you know)


Then we start taking action.

Checking off tasks.

Holding important meetings.

Discussing strategies.

We’ll align your actions with the strategy and get you pointed in the right direction.

Then we maintain.. and adapt.. maintain.. and adapt..

Life can come at us fast, and we will be ready to course-correct.

We will continue to maintain, adapt, and course-correct as we continue to draw closer and closer to retirement.

(On one hand, its more complicated than that, but on the other hand it is that simple.)